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Our Investments


Fast-changing sectors offer clear drivers for growth such as changing demographics, market changes, new regulations and legislation, social trends and technological developments. These dynamics give businesses vital opportunities to grow and to sustain that growth in the long-term.

Around invests in large (> EUR 10 billion), non-cyclical sectors with recurring revenue and limited cyclicality. We build companies with infrastructure-like characteristics providing essential services to society. We base our investment decisions on deep analysis and assessment by mapping industries, sectors and sub-sectors.

We are always looking for business-owners as well as aspiring entrepreneurs who have the clear ambition to build transformational businesses for the future.


“Around develops pan-European platforms in service-oriented industries through a combination of M&A and organic growth. Many European service sectors are in the early stages of consolidation and will remain very attractive over the next 10-15 years. Our partners are not merely investors but take an active, sleeves-rolled-up role in each platform.”


We use a rigorous process to map and visualize potential partner companies in a specific market. These companies are systematically approached and relationships are built for the long-term.

We believe that challenges and opportunities are shared across national borders. In our sectors, the businesses of tomorrow are European. Hence we have an explicit pan-European approach supported by a network in most European countries.

Around facilitates its businesses to pro-actively consolidate its target markets whilst creating a coherent platform with strong operational control. With our management teams and partner companies we pursue organic growth by systematically addressing local bottlenecks and providing strong support through a central service centre. As a result our businesses enjoy low personnel churn and high organic growth rates.

We seek to create an environment where people are empowered to reach their ambitions. We believe that this results in highly professional, excellence-driven organisations.


We build companies with infrastructure-like characteristics across five sectors providing essential services to society. Our companies share office space where possible creating a tight-knit group of people in a dynamic environment.

This set-up makes it easy to exchange ideas, share processes, leverage advisors and attract talent which accelerates the speed at which each company can grow.

Sector: Dentistry practices
Date: 2013

Dentius is a group of dentistry practices with a strong focus on quality, innovation and service where transparent communication and prevention take central stage.

Since its foundation in Belgium in 2013 Dentius has grown into one of the largest dentistry groups in Continental Europe with a presence in Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands through its local brands. With a presence in the two largest Continental European dental markets (Germany and France) and an addressable market of €45 billion, Dentius is well positioned to accelerate its growth in the European dental market. 

The Dentius partnership model for dentists gives it a clear edge over competitors in terms of business development capabilities as well as recruiting and retention of dentists. Dentists teaming up with Dentius maintain full clinical autonomy whilst outsourcing administrative and back office tasks to the service center of the group. The company’s strong focus on quality has resulted in an accreditation by an international organization, making Dentius the first accredited dental group in Europe. 

BE | Dentius
FR | Dental Way
DE | Dental Team Deutschland
NL | Nederlandse Tandartsen Coöperatie

Sector: Funeral services
Date: 2016

Sereni is a group of funeral service providers offering the full range of services to support families.

Since its foundation in Belgium in 2016 Sereni has grown into one of the few funeral service companies active across several European markets. Sereni has a strong market position in Belgium, Germany and Poland with a significant and growing market share in each market. 

Funeral operators partnering with Sereni maintain full operational autonomy whilst outsourcing administrative and back office tasks to the service center of the group. The partnership model, the proprietary Sereni software as well as its scale in procurement and marketing are key differentiators driving Sereni’s growth.

BE | Sereni
DE | Sereni
PL | Sereni

Sector: Veterinary practices
Date: 2018

Nesto is a group of veterinary practices with a strong focus on quality, service and transparent communication. The Nesto network consists of both general practices as well as referral clinics offering a wide range of specialist treatments. 

Since its foundation in Belgium in 2018 Nesto has grown into a leading veterinary group in Belgium and Luxemburg with a growing presence in Germany. Veterinarians teaming up with Nesto maintain full clinical autonomy whilst outsourcing administrative and back office tasks to the service center of the group. 

BE | Nesto
DE | Nesto

Sector: Property management
Date: 2020

Parte provides real estate management services through a national network of agencies. 

Since its foundation in 2020 Parte has quickly developed into one of the market leaders in residential property management in Belgium and is currently expanding its activities in Germany as well as into adjacent service offerings. Residential property management is a fragmented sector in Europe with few international operators.

Parte distinguishes itself by offering a highly qualitative service supported by digitalization. Furthermore Parte is expanding by acquiring value-add adjacent businesses as well as attracting the best talent in the sector to support organic growth.

BE | Parte
DE | Parte

Sector: Managed IT services
Date: 2021

On IT is a customer centric IT service partner, providing a broad range of IT services to small and mid-size enterprise customers in Belgium. On IT is built on a collection of well-respected IT services providers creating a national coverage with local presence.

Furthermore, On IT is focused on becoming a go-to, true value focused IT partner, driven by an expansion of its service offering through the acquisition and development of specialized IT services.

We are On IT