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Investing in tomorrow

AROUND is a European investment firm building sector leaders over a long time horizon. We want to make a difference by shaping the future of the sectors in which we invest.


Inspiring people

AROUND is passionate about creating an environment where people can fulfil their ambitions. We believe that this drives highly professional, excellence-driven organisations.


Creating meaningful communities

AROUND brings people together yielding results far surpassing individual achievements.

Around companies in numbers







Around market positions


Dentistry services # 1 in Belgium


1/20 dentist visits in Belgium


Funeral services # 2 in Belgium


Funeral services # 2 in Germany


1/10 funeral services in Belgium


1/20 veterinary visits in Belgium


Veterinary services # 1 in Belgium


Veterinary services # 1 in Luxemburg


Property management services # 2 in Belgium


50,000 appartments managed in Belgium

Around is an investment firm building fast growing companies with infrastructure-like characteristics providing essential services to society.

We are focused on a limited number of initiatives and build businesses over a long period of time. The long term goal is to create sizeable pan-European businesses with a meaningful market share in their target markets through a buy and build strategy. Around is predominantly financed by its founders and managers complemented by international blue chip investors.

The Around companies generate €0,5 billion in combined annual revenue.

We specialise in spotting opportunities for long-term and transformational growth in changing markets. We support our businesses to pro-actively consolidate their target markets whilst creating a coherent platform with strong operational control. We draw on our international network to pro-actively identify, structure and capture growth opportunities across Europe.

Dentius is a group of dentistry practices with a strong focus on quality, innovation and service where transparent communication and prevention take central stage.

“Connecting Great Dentists”

Sereni is a group of funeral service providers offering the full range of services to support families.

“Life is your legacy”

Nesto is a group of veterinary practices with a strong focus on quality, service and transparent communication. The Nesto network consists of both general practices as well as referral clinics offering a wide range of specialist treatments.

“Expert network for pets”

Parte provides real estate management services through a national network of agencies. 

“Connect everyone living and working in your properties”

On IT is a customer centric IT service partner, providing a broad range of IT services to small and mid-size enterprise customers in Belgium. On IT is built on a collection of well-respected IT services providers creating a national coverage with local presence.

“We are On IT!”