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About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that our companies can be a conduit to drive positive change by reshaping the future of the sectors in which they operate.

We have an explicit pan-European outlook on business as we believe that organisations in our sectors are facing the same challenges and are benefitting from the same opportunities across borders. Furthermore our ventures benefit from the diversity of viewpoints offered by working in an international context. Lastly our businesses benefit from scale which can only be reached through internationalization.

We build businesses over a long time horizon as we typically effect deep change to the sectors in which we invest. We also seek to reach a significant market share in our target markets which takes time.

Around invests often in sectors where people take center-stage. We aim to create strong communities and bring people together yielding results far surpassing individual achievements. 

Inspiring people is key to what we do. We are passionate about creating an environment where people can fulfil their ambitions. We believe that this drives highly professional, disciplined, and excellence-driven organisations.

Enabling high-performing organisations and management teams are necessary to sustain the growth that we are envisaging and to support the appropriate capital structure of our businesses.

Amaury Hendrickx​

“We measure success by the degree in which we can inspire our people to reach their full potential.”

Amaury started his career in Mergers & Acquisitions before spending two decades in the private equity sector. He was a director of Merrill Lynch’s European private equity operations based in London and was head of global private equity investments at the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, a sovereign wealth fund in the UAE.

Amaury completed a business degree at KU Leuven in Belgium and earned an MBA at the University of Chicago.

Pieter Lathouwers

‘We see a strong correlation between a determination to achieve excellence and professional fulfillment.”

Pieter was CEO of Dentius until 2019 and started his career at Bain & Company.

Pieter worked across a diverse range of industries including healthcare, consumer products, technology & private equity.

Pieter completed a business degree at University of Antwerp in Belgium.

David is currently interim CEO at Parte. David started his career at PwC (Belgium & London) in Strategy and M&A advisory before acting several years as Corporate Development Director in private equity backed technology companies.

David completed a business degree at University of Antwerp and earned an MBA at the Vlerick Business School in Belgium.

David Vancoillie

“Completing acquisitions is the easy part (it is the result), shaping the right teams is the hard part (it is the basis).”

Marie is personal assistant at Around. She started her career in consultancy at various companies giving her valuable experiences across a broad range of subjects.

Marie completed a Master of Science in Translation and Interpretation and completed a Master in Communication, both at the University of Ghent in Belgium.

Marie Germis

“An open, rational and data-driven approach is key to any problem-solving at Around.”