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Our Investments

DENTIFY | Fast-changing sectors offer clear drivers for growth such as changing demographics, market changes, new regulations and legislation, social trends and technological developments. These dynamics give businesses vital opportunities to grow and to sustain that growth in the long-term. Around invests in large (> EUR 10 billion), non-cyclical sectors with recurring revenue and limited cyclicality. We build companies with infrastructure-like characteristics providing essential services to society. We base our investment decisions on deep analysis and assessment by mapping industries, sectors and sub-sectors.

We are always looking for business-owners as well as aspiring entrepreneurs who have the clear ambition to build transformational businesses for the future.

BUILD & SCALE | We use a rigorous process to map and visualize potential partner companies in a specific market. These companies are systematically approached and relationships are built for the long-term. 

We believe that challenges and opportunities are shared across national borders. In our sectors, the businesses of tomorrow are European. Hence we have an explicit pan-European approach supported by a network in most European countries.

Around facilitates its businesses to pro-actively consolidate its target markets whilst creating a coherent platform with strong operational control. With our management teams and partner companies we pursue organic growth by systematically addressing local bottlenecks and providing strong support through a central service centre. As a result our businesses enjoy low personnel churn and high organic growth rates.

We seek to create an environment where people are empowered to reach their ambitions. We believe that this results in highly professional, excellence-driven organisations.







Red Quote

We measure success by the degree in which we can truly inspire our people.





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